Why should the compulsory twin-shaft mixer concrete mixing station master As one of the two core elements of concrete mixing station, it is essential to select concrete mixer, in each project, we will find that we generally compulsory twin-shaft mixer with the host, it shows recognition is very high! Mandatory twin-shaft mixer only can work ce iso twin shaft automatic concrete mixer for sale independently, but also the synthesis of simple unit and ingredients mixing station, using more flexible. It compared with the concrete mixer drum, which can mix dry hard concrete, but can only be stirring drum semi-rigid concrete; it compared to single horizontal shaft concrete mixer, discharging large capacity, high efficiency. It determines its uniqueness as a concrete mixer commonly used host! JZC250 concrete mixer works and operating requirements JZC250 mix concrete mixer drum rotated by the ring gear, with reliable transmission, low noise, low energy consumption, compact structure, smooth running, easy operation, good mixing quality and production efficiency. JZC250 concrete mixer can mix plastic and semi-hard concrete. It is ideal for all kinds of construction sites and small and medium equipment pre component plants. Use operation requires JZC250 concrete mixer: 1. The new machine must be empty running tests follow the instructions before use, to ensure that the site is operating normally; 2. Before each operation, power supply concrete mixer for producing concrete you must check there is no damage to the various components found after damage should be repaired, Note: Be sure to check off the power; 3. When JZC250 concrete mixer work, non repairs and maintenance; 4. To ensure JZC250 concrete mixer clean, must be cleaned after each use, last longer so that the machine; 5. After the machine running, the driver must concentrate, not allowed to leave. Concrete mixers work to pay attention to the problem First, after the concrete mixer started, can not stop halfway. Concrete mixers work do not let the runtime portion of sand fall into the operation of the machine to avoid jammed moving parts to damage. Second, lifting the hopper, the bucket was adopted or under can not stay, so as not to brake failure accidents. If you need to repair or clean-up work in the fight, js750 electric twin shaft concrete mixer with 750l we need to forcibly shut down and pull the chain on the hopper with the insurance firm. Moreover, concrete mixer at work can not continue to operate if found fault, should immediately cut off the power, the stirring barrel concrete cleaned, and then repair. After the inspection is completed to conduct air operation to ensure smooth running with only after opening.